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Pest control should be affordable, convenient, and on your terms when you decide you need it, with a 100% commitment to ensuring that you don’t see pests. There should be no exposure to harsh chemicals, no long-term contracts, and your home, family, and pets should be treated with the utmost respect. You should receive unsurpassed customer service, going above and beyond what others can provide. That’s what Sloan Pest Control believes.

Imagine an environmentally friendly protective barrier and defense team strategically stationed around your home and yard, safeguarding your children, pets, friends, and family from pests and wildlife 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. This proactive pest control method installs a shield both indoors and outdoors, utilizing the most scientifically backed technology and know-how with a 100% guarantee that pests will stay away. Should pests breach the barrier, the defense team will immediately return and reapply this barrier at no additional cost to you. This guarantee is a commitment to providing the absolute best pest control and customer experience that the competition simply can’t match.

Sloan Pest Control is your locally owned, dedicated, and dependable pest control and extermination company that the local community depends on for carefree pest control, termite bonds, and wildlife control services. Whether you prefer a one-time, monthly, or annual service, rest assured that you are not tied to any long-term contracts or commitments, but instead to a yard that can be enjoyed year-round. Sloan Pest Control sets itself apart from other companies by providing pricing that is customized to the size of your home and property. This approach maximizes effectiveness and saves you money throughout the year.

Starter Pricing:



Eco-friendly Pest Protection


Interior and Exterior Treatment

Analysis and Recommendations

100% Satisfaction Guarantee



Eco-friendly Pest Protection


Interior and Exterior Treatment

Analysis and Recommendations

100% Satisfaction Guarantee



Eco-friendly Pest Protection

Assessment and Prevention

Interior and Exterior Treatment

Analysis and Recommendations

Post-Treatment Contact

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A 100% guarantee is vital as it ensures trust, reliability, and customer satisfaction. The Sloan Pest Control guarantee is a commitment to exceptional customer experiences and an assurance that if pests ever return, so will we at no additional cost to you as a customer. This is a firm commitment that separates us from the rest.

24/7, 365 Days a Year Protection

Reliability, dependability, and guaranteed protection 365 days a year are an absolute must since our area has one of the highest concentrations of pests in the country. Sloan Pest Control, providing continuous defense against pests, safeguards your family, pets, and home against diseases and havoc that pests can cause with affordable pricing, ensuring you only pay for what you need and nothing more.

Always Environmentally Friendly

Keeping annoying pests and wildlife away from your home is important, but the overall health of your home is even more important. At Sloan Pest Control, we prioritize the safety of your family, children, pets, and the environment by avoiding harsh chemicals. Our Integrated Pest Management approach involves using eco-friendly methods to solve pest and termite problems, while our advanced and science-based solutions ensure effective control without causing harm.

Benefits of Working With Sloan Pest

Customized Pricing

Only pay for what you need and nothing more based on the unique size of your property. Choose between monthly, quarterly, or one-time pest control services.

Environmentally Friendly for Your Family

All of our services are environmentally friendly for your children, pets and our planet.

Unsurpassed Customer Experiences

Our customers enjoy worry free pest protection on their terms and around their schedule.


“We switched from a national brand to Sloan Pest Control and it has made such a big difference. The same technician shows up each time and I know that my children and pets will not be exposed to harsh chemicals.”

Sara J.

“Sloan Pest Control saves us a lot of money because we are now only paying for the dimensions of our home.”

Wayne S.

“My family places a great emphasis on our pets and environmental friendliness, and we extend our gratitude to Sloan Pest Control for helping us maintain a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.”

Sharokin B.

“Sloan Pest Control has been an outstanding local company, providing professional and punctual services every time. Donnie and his team are commendable for their exceptional work. In addition to their regular services, I also rely on them for my pretreats. Thank you, Sloan Pest Control, for your excellent services.”

Ashley A.

The Locally Owned Pest Control Difference

Choosing a local company like Sloan Pest Control means receiving an unparalleled level of customer service that national brands can’t match, but it means far more than just that.

  • Custom Pricing: We only charge you for what you need, based on the size of your property, and nothing more. This means you will not be forced into package pricing that may be too much or not enough to keep your home protected.
  • Flexibility: Not only will we work around your schedule; we respond quickly to urgent needs with same-day service in select areas. To ensure that pests stay gone, we offer services at quarterly, monthly, and even weekly intervals.
  • Free Inspections: Sloan Pest control offers free, no-obligation pest inspections of your entire property. Schedule a free appointment today to determine if we can do better than your current provider.

The Absolute Best Customer Experience

As a customer, you deserve the absolute best customer experience every time you contact your trusted pest control provider. Our staff will always greet you with a smile, along with kindness and respect every time we answer the phone or perform our services for you.

All of our staff members have undergone extensive background screening, ensuring that your family and always safe. Unlike national brands that send our random people, at Sloan Pest Control you will usually see the same faces greeting you at the front door.

By choosing Sloan Pest Control, you are investing in the local economy and vibrant, long-lasting careers for great people in your community.

Community Focused

The employees at Sloan Pest work together like a family.

Our team at Sloan Pest Control always aims to be a vital part of the community. Founders Donnie Sloan and Tracy have more than 23 years of experience in the pest control industry locally. And they know that the most valuable tool they have to stop pests is people – people who educate and inform the community, build lasting relationships with their neighbors and work hard to help the community stay healthy and safe from the outside elements

All of these things are what sets Sloan Pest Control apart. We value your safety, work harder to earn your loyalty, and strive to make our community a better place. We would be honored to offer you a free, no-obligation inspection and tell you more about our services. The national brands simply can’t compare with the meticulous care, attention, and unparalleled service that Sloan offers. Schedule a free inspection of your property today: (912) 269-2385

What Does Pest Control Mean and What Is the Value?

Controlling pests is about more than just keeping unwanted bugs, rodents and creatures out of your home. It’s about creating an environment of safety and protection for your family and pets. It’s about eliminating the anxiety that can come from wondering whether you’re sharing your home with dangerous insects and other wildlife.

Imagine you’re throwing a big backyard barbecue, but you find out you have an ant problem. These ants are not just a tiny nuisance; they’re threatening to ruin your event by getting into the food and bothering your guests. That’s where pest control comes in—it’s like setting the rules in your yard to manage or get rid of these unwelcome critters that disrupt your plans.

Pest control can be like deciding on the best approach to keep the ants away without ruining your lawn or harming the environment. Maybe you start with simple steps, like removing anything that attracts ants. If that doesn’t work, you might use some ant bait or spray, always making sure it’s safe for kids and pets who will be playing around.

In a bigger sense, pest control is about managing any creature that bugs us, harms our homes, or poses health risks, whether it’s ants at a picnic, mice in the attic, or even bigger animals that wander in from the woods. It’s about finding the best way to either live with them peacefully when possible, or keeping them away effectively and safely when needed. And just like at your barbecue, the goal is to handle the problem so everyone can enjoy their time without any uninvited and troublesome guests.

More Than Just Pests

When we talk about pest control, we’re not just talking about keeping roaches, termites, spiders and other bugs out of your home. Our technicians are equipped to keep all manner of pests from entering your home, from snakes and bats to raccoons and rodents. By humanely trapping and relocating them, we make sure they are just as unwelcome in your home as the tiniest bugs.

Because even the smallest pests can cause huge problems. Bites and stings from bees, wasps, mosquitos, spiders, ticks or fleas do more than just cause irritation. They can trigger severe allergic reactions, transmit disease and lead to all manner of health issues. Some pests don’t even need to bite or sting you to affect your health – for example, rats can carry bacteria and microorganisms that make you sick, or droppings left behind can aggravate respiratory issues while spreading disease.

That’s to say nothing of the immense destruction pests can wreak on your home. Whether its termites boring through structural timbers in your home or rodents chewing through wiring and insulation, an infestation can quickly lead to costly repairs if not eliminated right away.

We can eliminate all these threats through effective pest control strategies that run the gamut from regular inspections to preventive measures and targeted treatments of existing infestations. The peace of mind you enjoy from a pest-free home is worth it alone. When you factor in the potential costs and health hazards that pests bring into your home, the choice becomes clear.

Our Services

There are several strategies we employ as part of Integrated Pest Management, each of which is designed to give you lasting peace of mind that your home is free of both pests and hazardous chemicals. These include:

Regular Maintenance: More than just a single treatment, our technicians address potential issues proactively, implementing preventive measures then following up with inspections to ensure those measures are working.

Exclusion: Pests can’t infest your home if they can’t get in. Our skilled experts identify those gaps and cracks that allow pests to invade your home, sealing them off and creating an impenetrable barrier.

Sanitization and Organization: What we may see as dirt or clutter, pests see as a potential home and food source. We work with you to implement hygienic practices and reduce potential hiding spots that make your home less welcoming for pests.

Moisture Remediation: The humidity of the southeast is why pests love it so much here. Keeping that humidity outside, addressing moisture issues that attract pests, is an important part of what we do.

Mitigation: When we do spray for pests, we do so with the utmost precision. This ensures that infestations are eliminated, keeping them from returning and maintaining the health of your home.

What Sets Sloan Apart

When you choose Sloan Pest Control, you get the services of a company equipped with the latest in pest control technology that the big brands use. You get access to skills and expertise that are continuously being advanced through training and development. And you get the protection of a company that never puts the bottom line above your family’s health and well-being.

While the national brands will simply spray chemicals and collect a check, we look for long-term results. We control pests while safeguarding your health. Through regular maintenance and preventative techniques, we keep pests from returning.

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions:

What Is the Difference Between Pest Control and an Exterminator?
Pest control involves managing and reducing pest populations using a variety of methods, focusing on long-term solutions and prevention. Extermination, however, aims to immediately eliminate pests, typically using lethal methods during severe infestations. While pest control seeks balance and minimal environmental impact, extermination prioritizes quick eradication.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?
For reliable service that you can depend on, pest control services start at $45.00 a month and include eco-friendly pest protection, ongoing pest monitoring, and both interior and exterior treatment.

This should include ongoing analysis and recommendations to help you continue taking preventive measures to keep pests away. Additionally, a respected pest control company should offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Is It Cheaper to Do Your Own Pest Control?
While doing pest control yourself can save money initially, it often lacks the effectiveness and long-term benefits provided by professional services. Hiring professionals ensures expert solutions, advanced techniques, and potentially significant cost savings over time due to more effective pest eradication and prevention.

How Often Should I Pest Control My House?
The frequency of pest control for your house can depend on several factors, including the type of pests, the severity of infestation, and the effectiveness of previous pest control efforts. Generally, it is recommended to have professional pest control services at least once a quarter or every three months. For larger properties or for those who never want to see any pests, monthly treatments are recommended.

Are All Pest Control Companies Equal?
Not all pest control companies are equal, particularly in their approach to environmental sustainability and the methods they use. Eco-friendly companies distinguish themselves by implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies, focusing on prevention, careful monitoring, and using biological controls, only resorting to chemicals as a last resort. In contrast, traditional companies may prioritize quick results, often using broad-spectrum chemicals that can impact non-target species and the environment. Eco-friendly services are transparent about their methods and materials and educate customers on sustainable pest prevention. Ultimately, the choice between these types of services reflects a commitment to your family’s and pets’ safety—eco-friendly companies care deeply about long-term well-being, whereas others may aim to do the minimal work required. When you work with Sloan, a trusted locally owned and operated company, you truly see the difference in quality and care.

Does Sloan Offer One-Time Treatment for Infestations?

Yes, for infestations that require immediate attention, Sloan offers one-time treatments. This is in addition to our monthly and quarterly services. A one-time pest control treatment involves a single, isolated service by a pest control company, specifically used to address urgent pest issues rather than for long-term prevention. This service is ideal for homeowners or business owners who encounter a pest infestation and need quick resolution. The process typically includes assessing the problem, applying the appropriate treatment to eliminate the pests, and may also include recommendations for preventing future infestations. However, it does not cover follow-up treatments unless they are specifically requested and paid for separately. While one-time treatments are effective for acute pest problems, they may not prevent future infestations without ongoing preventive measures.


Our Process Plan

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Receive a custom price quote

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Sloan will protect your your family and home.


Know Your Pests

Pest infestations are more than just unsanitary, they can be very stressful, particularly if they are stubbornly hard to get rid of and continue to recur. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent infestations: seal up gaps in doorways and windows, distribute traps and repellants, and keep your home clean. But the key to ridding your home of these pests, and keeping them away, is knowledge.

In that spirit, here is what you need to know about the dangers and health hazards some common pests and wildlife pose.

Cockroaches/Palmetto Bugs

Cockroaches, roaches, palmetto bugs… whatever you call them, they’re nasty and tenacious. Not only can their leavings trigger allergies and asthma, they can spread bacteria that can cause foodborne illness and cause serious structural damage if left unchecked.


Not only can ants invade quickly as they scour your home for food and shelter, but some species can also cause severe reactions through their bites. If allowed to be in your home long enough, they can cause massive damage to your property, chewing through electrical and structural components.

Bed Bugs

Notoriously hard to get rid of, sneaking out of your mattresses and hiding away in spaces to feast on your blood at night, these tiny insects can cause massive problems. Physically, their bites can cause allergic reactions and some cases bacterial infections and anemia in humans and pets. Psychologically, the anxiety and sleep deprivation they cause can wreak havoc.


Nature’s wrecking ball, termites can cause such massive damage to a home’s ceiling, walls, and floors in a short period, leading to a complete collapse of your structure. While they are less harmful to humans, they can also damage furniture and other household items, and cause allergic reactions in pets.


The animal that kills the most humans every year isn’t a venomous snake or a large predator, it’s the humble mosquito. As it sucks your blood, it doesn’t just leave behind an itching, stinging welt – it can leave behind diseases from West Nile virus and malaria to dengue fever.


The right kind of spider can help keep flies, mosquitos, and other pests away from your home. The wrong kind can kill you. Depending on the species, a bite from a venomous spider can cause problems ranging from pain and swelling to more serious effects like muscle cramps and seizures.


Your best friend’s worst enemy, fleas can quickly infest your pet’s fur, requiring immediate treatment. Otherwise, their bites can lead to rashes, anemia, and even transmission of tapeworms which can devastate your pet’s health.


The danger from a tick bite isn’t from the blood they extract to gorge themselves. It’s from the diseases they transmit while feasting like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tick-borne encephalitis, and Lyme disease, which can cause long-lasting neurological problems. Check for ticks after being outdoors and always remove ticks as soon as possible.


Anyone who’s experienced a horsefly bite can testify to the pain, swelling, and reactions they cause. But even common houseflies pose a danger through the bacteria, parasites, and viruses they carry on their body, pathogens they pass on when they land on surfaces or food. In addition, they are prodigious breeders, laying multiple eggs that can spread infestation quickly.

Sand Gnats

Also known as sand fleas or no-see-ums, these tiny pests can be a major nuisance thanks to their massive numbers, painful bites, and ability to transmit disease to humans and pets.


Earwigs aren’t just creepy to look at – they can be a sign of bigger problems. While their pinchers can cause a nasty sting, it’s their very presence that should worry you, as they tend to indicate other pest problems when they arrive at your home.


Usually harmless to humans and pets, some species of millipede pack an irritating chemical defense they can emit when threatened. For children or people with sensitive skin, this caustic spray can cause serious irritation. In addition, pets that ingest millipedes can experience vomiting, diarrhea, or worse.


There are many kinds of mites, and none of them should be welcome in your home. The dust mite, for example, can cause serious allergic reactions and asthma attacks in vulnerable individuals. And the scabies mite spreads its namesake sickness, causing intense irritation, redness, and itching.

Stink Bugs

The chemical cocktail these pests release doesn’t just give the stink bug its name – it can cause serious irritation of the throat, eyes, and sinuses if inhaled or ingested by children or pets. Some species emit a more potent chemical, tetrodotoxin, which can cause more serious health problems.


A librarian’s worst enemy, silverfish love to burrow into damp, humid environments like bathroom crawl spaces, but they will also make themselves at home in the pages of your books, allowing them to spread rapidly if unchecked.


Their venomous fangs are lethal to their prey, but even humans and pets can be in danger if bitten by these pests. A greater risk to children and small animals, the centipede’s bite can cause swelling and irritation, with a chance of worse symptoms from fever and nausea to headaches.


Along with the danger that beetles pose to your garden, some species can cause health issues if touched or ingested. These species, like the blister beetle, emit cantharidin, a toxic chemical that can cause irritation and blisters on the skin or mucous membranes.


As restless travelers, crickets do more than just make noise. They spread parasites, viruses, and bacteria across your home’s surfaces and your food. Ingesting contaminated food or coming into contact with these remains can cause illnesses from E. coli to salmonella.


They may be cute, but these furry rodents can cause massive damage to your home’s structure, electrical wiring, and insulation. In addition, their droppings carry a host of diseases like Listeria, salmonella, and hantavirus, posing serious health risks to children and pets. Active carriers of ticks and fleas, they can quickly contaminate your home, food, and furniture.


Ever since the Black Plague ravaged Europe, we’ve known how dangerous rats can be. Not only can the fleas and ticks they carry jump to your pets, but they can also carry serious diseases. In addition, rats quickly mark their territory with droppings and urine, contaminating food and spreading illness, and they can easily chew through wires, walls, and insulation as they infest your home.