Flea Control Services

Fleas typically reside in homes in areas where pets spend a lot of their time, such as on pet bedding, carpets, furniture, and any cozy spots favored by pets. They can also be found in cracks in the floor and along baseboards. Outside, fleas prefer moist, shady areas such as under decks, in gardens, or in yard debris where pets might rest or play. Dealing with fleas at home presents a significant challenge due to their rapid breeding and the larvae’s knack for hiding in tight spots and fabrics. Their small size enables them to spread quickly and unnoticed, often resulting in frustration and inconvenience for homeowners.

How to Identify Fleas

To spot a flea infestation, look for signs like your pets scratching, licking, or biting their fur more than usual, a behavior that often points to the discomfort of flea bites. Adult fleas, which are small, dark, and fast-moving bugs the size of a sesame seed, might be visible in your pet’s coat. Additionally, tiny white dots that are flea eggs, or little black dots known as flea dirt, could be present in your pet’s sleeping areas or directly on their skin. People might find itchy, small red bumps on their legs if they’ve been bitten. Quick action is essential when these signs are spotted, as fleas can multiply rapidly, turning a small problem into an extensive infestation.

Fleas and Your Health

Fleas also pose serious health risks to pets and humans alike. Pets may suffer from intense allergic reactions, skin infections, and could even become carriers of diseases like Bartonellosis. Humans aren’t spared, with flea bites leading to itching, swelling, and in rare cases, the transmission of severe diseases such as typhus and plague. The stress and discomfort from a flea invasion can greatly disrupt a household’s peace.

Sloan Pest Control tackles flea infestations with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy, prioritizing environmental safety and efficiency. This method involves more than just chemical use; it aims to create a clean, flea-free living space without compromising the health of your family or pets. The approach includes a detailed inspection, advice on preventive cleaning and pet care, yard treatments for larvae, and the use of safe chemical interventions when necessary, coupled with continuous monitoring. In addition to this treatment, Sloan Pest Control may recommend thorough vacuuming of your home, hot heat steam cleaning on fabrics, and extensive cleaning to make sure nothing remains for the fleas to live on. They may also recommend a bath for your pets and a flea and tick treatment to ensure they are protected.

Education on flea life cycles and prevention is a crucial part of Sloan’s service, emphasizing a collaborative, eco-friendly approach to keep homes flea-free. Sloan Pest Control commits to the safety and well-being of your family and pets, ensuring you’re well-informed throughout the process.

100% Fleas Be Gone Promise

Moreover, Sloan stands by its 100% Fleas Be Gone Promise, offering the reliability and accountability of a local company over national brands. This promise includes personalized service, quick responses, and a guarantee that if fleas or fleas return, so will Sloan, at no additional cost.

To begin reclaiming your home from pests, Sloan invites you to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection. This step is the start of creating a customized plan not just to eliminate fleas but to prevent their return, all while supporting the local economy and providing peace of mind through dedicated customer service.