Wildlife Removal and Control

There’s no doubt that wildlife poses a massive intrusive threat to a family and their home. The small openings you don’t notice, the sheltered areas beneath your eaves, can provide all the shelter a rodent or a bird needs.

And while they’re cozying up inside your house, they’re wreaking havoc inside your walls, degrading insulation, chewing through wiring, and slowly eroding structural integrity. Rodents in particular are infamous for the damage they can cause, with their urge to chew on wiring leading to dangerous electrical issues and even structure fires.

And that’s just the threat to your home itself – your family faces even worse.

Wildlife That We Keep Away from Your Home or Business:

• Raccoon Removal
• Squirrel Removal
• Opossum Removal
• Skunk Removal
• Rat Removal
• Dead Animal Removal

• Mice Removal
• Mole Removal
• Groundhog Removal
• Armadillo Removal
• Beaver Removal

• Fox Removal
• Coyote Removal
• Bird Removal
• Bat Removal
• Snake Removal

Humane Pest Control Solutions for Protecting Your Home and Family

Diseases ranging from rabies and hantavirus to long-term threats like leptospirosis can be carried inside by these pests, and transmitted to humans through exposure to their leavings or through bites. The unhygienic conditions created by their mere presence alone can lead to a host of allergic reactions and foodborne illnesses, to say nothing of the stress it can cause to have these nuisance animals running free in your safe space.

The best way to solve these problems is before they start, utilizing preventative measures that secure your house against any unwanted animals. Sealing up any points of entry, and finding and eliminating any food or water sources (including those in your garbage cans) can effectively close shop for these invasive critters.

But if they’re already inside, your best approach is to call in the professionals. At Sloan Pest Control, we handle your pest problem with a humane strategy that keeps your family safe and your home secure.

Integrated Pest Management and Ethical Removal

The suite of tools and techniques we use to tackle your messy wildlife infestation is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Both comprehensive and compassionate, this strategy aims to remove wildlife from your home without harming them or threatening their well-being. Pulling together several different strategies, IPM represents the singularly most effective method for ridding your home of problem pests while keeping your family protected from harmful chemicals.

What sets IPM apart from other methods is its core principles – intelligence, prevention, and compassion. We start by learning everything we can about the pests invading your home – what species they are, how they’re entering the home, and where they might be hiding based on their behavior. This educated understanding allows us to execute prevention – making modifications that discourage animals from entering and actively exclude them from re-entry. These preventative measures allow us to work compassionately, with non-lethal methods that deter, repel, and relocate to keep everyone in your home safe.

Rodents like rats, mice, chipmunks, and squirrels; wildlife from bats and raccoons to coyotes and possums; and even dangerous creatures from snakes to alligators; we help keep your home free from all of them and healthy for your family. But the most important aspect of IPM is one that Sloan Pest Control follows to the letter – getting the job done right.

It’s not just about ridding your home of pests; it’s about exceeding your expectations. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we don’t leave until you’re happy, and we come back at no charge if pests return. With custom pricing to fit your needs, flexible appointments to fit your schedule, and free inspections to see how we stack up against your current pest control provider, we put you first.

Reach out for a free no-obligation inspection today and let us keep your family safe and your home free from unwanted intruders.