Bed Bug Control

Most bugs are a snap to get rid of, but some of them are a little more resilient. Enjoying something of a resurgence in recent years, bed bugs have emerged as one of the most annoying threats in the insect kingdom. Nearly impossible to see, these little blood-suckers feast on humans and animals, leaving behind tell-tale red, itchy welts.

The good news is, they have not been known to transmit disease, and some people may be bitten and never even feel it. The bad news is, by the time you realize they’re in your home, either through bites on your skin, stains on your sheets or mattress, small marks from their excrement on fabric or tiny 1mm eggshells, they’ve already had a chance to become entrenched in your bed or furniture.

But just because they have a head start on you doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless. Through our unique approach, Sloan Pest Control can get rid of beg bugs quickly and effectively.

A Smarter Way to Deal with Bed Bugs

If you’re dealing with bed bugs on your own, get ready to discover a few wrong ways to do it. Identifying and containing every area of infestation will require several different approaches, both chemical and non-chemical is going to be a challenge.

The easiest way is, of course, to call Sloan Pest Control and put our Integrated Pest Management (IMP) strategy to work on your home’s bed bugs.  Unlike other pest control companies that spray a bunch of harsh chemicals to get rid of a problem, IPM is a scientific approach to eliminate the root cause of the problem. This multi-faceted strategy is an economical, environmentally friendly method for controlling and eliminating bed bugs, using the least hazardous pesticides possible along with a slew of non-chemical techniques. Not only does this approach let us confidently contain and destroy any colonies, it lets us do so in a way that is safe for your family and pets.

There are three parts to the IPM Process:

  • The Interview: There are tell-tale signs of bed bug infestation that can only be found through asking the right questions.
  • The Inspection: The signs of bed bug infestation can be nearly microscopic and easy to miss. But your technicians have been trained to sniff out even the smallest signs of bed bugs, scouring every nook and cranny as well as all the furnishings, rugs and linins where bed bugs like to hang out.
  • The Treatment: This is when we lower the hammer on bed bugs, with a blend of steam cleaning, deep vacuuming, and strategic application of substances to eliminate every instance of infestation.

The Sloan Pest Control Difference

As you can see from the comprehensive approach we take to bed bugs, at Sloan Pest Control we don’t deal in half measures. For us, allowing your family to enjoy your home free from bugs is job one, but it’s also just the start. We pride ourselves on giving each customer the complete experience, including:

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee: If the bed bugs come back, so do we, no additional charge needed. It’s all part of our promise to make it right.

 Eco-Friendly Practices: We are tough on bugs and gentle on your family, pets, and home.  Harsh chemicals are not needed to deal with bed bugs.

Custom Pricing: No package pricing, no bait-and-switch. Just an honest price based on the size of your property and the work done.

Flexibility: We respect your schedule, responding when you need us most, even with same-day service in some areas. Beyond the first visit, we offer quarterly, monthly and weekly services to fit your needs.

Free Inspections: Even if you have a current provider of pest control, we’ll provide a free, no-obligation inspection to see if we can do it better.

Customer Experience Above Everything Else: We give you personalized service delivered with professionalism and care, going the extra mile in ways the national brands simply can’t.

If you suspect that you might have a few extra uninvited guests on your skin and in your bed, reach out for a free inspection. We’ll have one of our experts at your property at the first opportunity, ready to get rid of your bed bugs and help you sleep soundly tonight.