Mosquito Control & Treatment

Few things can ruin a day of sunshine in your backyard like mosquitos. One minute you’re hosting that party you’ve planned for months, or you’re throwing a ball around with the family, and the next you’re covered head-to-toe in itchy, red welts.

Your backyard offers too much enjoyment to simply hand it over to these bloodsuckers. Thankfully, there are a wealth of effective mosquito control measures that you can use to ensure your backyard serves as a welcoming space for people and pets, but not pests. It not only helps you take back your home, but it also helps prevent the irritation and possible health risks that come from mosquito bites.

More than Just an Itch

A single bite from a mosquito can expose your family to ailments including Zika virus, dengue fever, and malaria, as well as potential complications from allergic reactions. These complications are doubly dangerous to children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. The itchiness and irritation of a mosquito bite are frustrating enough. But when you factor in the various health problems these bites can cause, the need for proper control measures becomes paramount.

Biting Back Against Mosquitos

A truly effective mosquito control plan takes a multi-faceted approach to removing the mosquitos already encroaching on your home, while taking preventative measures to keep them from returning. It starts with eliminating conditions that cause mosquitos to thrive – overgrown vegetation, standing water and areas for breeding. Simply removing stagnant water found in puddles, ponds and clogged gutters will go a long way in keeping mosquitoes from returning, as well as controlling vegetation.

But this thorough property inspection is just the first step. Our technicians will follow that up with a completely personalized mosquito treatment plan tailored to your property. Looking at the size of your property, positioning and proximity of any neighbors and more factors, they will create a strategy of liquid treatments, fogging or a combination of both.

The Sloan Pest Control Difference

This personalized approach creates a comprehensive plan for eliminating mosquitos and keeping them away, creating a comfortable space for yourself and your neighbors. But the Sloan difference doesn’t end there. By dealing with a local company, you receive service that puts our reputation on the line with every job. We go further to earn your business than national brands, giving you peace of mind that you’ve received the utmost in service, accountability and response.

And if the pests return, so will we, free of charge. Call today for your free inspection and to learn how a personalized mosquito control strategy can give you your yard back.