Pest Control and Termite Pricing and Fees by Sloan Pest Control

Pest control services at Sloan Pest are priced considering various factors, such as the type and severity of the infestation, property size, techniques, products, and technician expertise. While environmentally friendly pest control options may have a higher cost due to eco-friendly products and specialized techniques, Sloan Pest doesn’t charge extra for prioritizing environmental consciousness. We believe in going the extra mile to assist our customers without additional charges because providing exceptional service and care is integral to our reputation in the community. When selecting Sloan Pest for your pest control needs, we encourage you to assess our reputation, experience, certifications, and customer feedback. We prioritize safety, employ integrated pest management (IPM) practices, and offer eco-friendly solutions to ensure effective and environmentally responsible pest control. While pricing may vary based on service levels and products, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remains steadfast. Investing in Sloan Pest means investing in the well-being of your family, pets, and the environment, reflecting our belief that peace of mind is priceless.

Starter Pricing



Eco-friendly Pest Protection


Interior and Exterior Treatment

Analysis and Recommendations

Sloan Pest Guarantee

No Contracts



Eco-friendly Pest Protection


Interior and Exterior Treatment

Analysis and Recommendations

Sloan Pest Guarantee

No Contracts

Termite Bonds

$399 /Year + Initial fees

 Initial Liquid or Bait Stations



Retreat Bond Protection

Analysis and Recommendations

Annual Renewal

Bundle Pest Control and Termite Bonds for Big Savings

Maximize your savings by bundling your routine pest control services with one of the best termite bonds in our area for maximum protection of your home and family. You could qualify for exclusive discounts.

Sloan Pest Control Pricing Explained:

The cost of your pest control service with Sloan Pest Control is tailored to your unique needs, taking into consideration whether you require a one-time treatment or an ongoing solution. Below, you will find a starting point for our pricing. Please note that the actual cost may vary depending on various factors. Since each home is unique in size, our pricing is designed to ensure you only pay for what is necessary and nothing more.

No Contracts, Ever

At Sloan Pest Control, we don’t lock customers into long-term contracts with fine print. Instead, we prove our value over time, and if you are not satisfied with our work, you are welcome to cancel at any time. Choosing a pest control company without contracts offers flexibility, transparency, and accountability, allowing for easier adjustments or cancellations and potentially saving costs in the long term.

Sloan Pest Control: Initial Treatment Costs (Fees Starting at $150.00 or more):

Sloan Pest Control recognizes that an active infestation requires prompt and effective action. Therefore, we offer specialized initial treatment plans that are meticulously designed to tackle your Sloan’s unique pest challenges. This upfront service may involve several visits using state-of-the-art equipment and safe, eco-friendly treatments to completely remove pests. Our team is dedicated to delivering a thorough eradication process, ensuring your Sloan returns to its pristine, pest-free state.

Initial Treatments start at $150.00 or more and go up. This depends on the size of your home and the work involved to get things under control.

Sloan Pest Control: Regular Maintenance Subscriptions:
Starting at $45.00/month
Quarterly Starting at $75.00

To safeguard your Sloan against future pest problems, Sloan Pest Control provides tailor-made maintenance subscriptions. Choose from monthly, quarterly, or customized schedules to fit your Sloan’s needs. Our preventive services are less invasive than our initial treatment and focus on long-term solutions to keep pests at bay. This includes regular inspections, perimeter defenses, and proactive treatments that help in identifying and mitigating potential pest attractions or entry points. Invest in our ongoing maintenance for peace of mind and continuous protection, ensuring that your Sloan remains a welcoming environment for your clients, free from the threat of pests.

The Sloan Routine Pest Control Services Include

Interior Treatment:
During interior pest control treatments, pest control technicians methodically check for entry points, such as gaps or cracks, and areas of moisture that attract pests. They meticulously inspect common pest-prone areas, searching for signs of infestation like droppings, nests, or damage by a variety of pests. Customers are engaged with questions about pest sightings, problem areas, noises, and any known issues to tailor the inspection and treatment plan. The routine includes discussing the problem, a detailed inspection, identifying risks, creating a treatment strategy, applying treatments, offering prevention advice, and scheduling follow-up visits to ensure effectiveness. Practices can vary by provider, so communication with your pest control service is key for tailored pest control management.

Exterior Treatment:
In outdoor routine maintenance, pest control professionals conduct perimeter inspections to spot any signs of pest activity and potential entry points. They examine common harborage sites like woodpiles and dense vegetation and look for standing water that could attract pests. Perimeter treatments are applied to create a barrier against pests, and the yard is inspected for other signs like ant hills and wasp nests. Technicians may ask homeowners about pest sightings, areas of concern, and any changes to the property that could affect pest activity. This proactive approach is a critical component of integrated pest management, aiming to minimize pest entry into the home and can be customized for seasonal pest patterns.

Pests that We Deal With:

• Cockroaches/Palmetto Bugs
• Ants
• Bed Bugs
• Termites
• Mosquitos
• Spiders
• Fleas
• Ticks
• Flies
• Sand Gnats

• Earwigs
• Millipedes
• Mites
• Stink Bugs
• Silverfish
• Centipedes
• Beetles
• Crickets
• Mice
• Rats

Termite Bonds and Termite Inspection Letter Costs

  • Retreat Termite Bonds: Our Retreat Termite Bonds, starting at $399.00, are the preferred option for many homeowners. The cost may vary depending on the coverage and duration that you require.
  • Retreat and Repair Termite Bonds: For broader coverage, including repairs for any damage, we offer Retreat and Repair Termite Bonds. These bonds necessitate a property inspection to determine the cost. Pricing is based on factors such as the linear square footage of your home, its construction, and other variables.
  • Termite Inspections for Home Purchases: Termite inspections tailored for home purchases commence at $225.00. This service includes The Official Georgia Wood-Destroying Insect Report (also referred to as a termite letter), providing comprehensive insight into the property’s condition.

Free Ongoing Tips and Education:
At Sloan Pest Control, our technicians not only tackle pest problems but also empower customers with valuable advice on preventing future infestations, including sealing entry points and minimizing moisture and food sources that attract pests. We believe that an informed and empowered customer fosters trust and fosters long-term relationships.

FAQs Related to The Cost of Pest Control

Is Pest Control Worth It?
 Pest control services can be valuable for homeowners seeking to prevent infestations of common pests, mitigate health risks, and protect their property from damage. Investing in regular treatments can provide peace of mind, cost-effectiveness compared to dealing with infestations, and environmental benefits through eco-friendly options.

Is Pest Control Effective?

 Absolutely, when conducted by trained professionals, pest control can be highly effective. Professional services not only prevent and manage infestations but also mitigate health risks, safeguard property from damage, and offer homeowners peace of mind.

Why Is Pest Control Such a Big Deal in Georgia?
 Pest control is crucial in Georgia due to its warm climate, diverse ecosystems, agricultural industry, health risks associated with pests, and potential for structural damage to homes and buildings.

Free, No Obligation Pest Inspections:
At Sloan Pest Control, we understand the importance of feeling safe and comfortable in your home. That’s why we offer a complimentary, no-obligation inspection to all our potential clients. Our goal is to ensure that we’re the right team to bring your property back to harmony without pests. Submit your contact information below to schedule a free, property inspection today!