Spider Control

Spiders: Controlling Them and Eliminating Them

The gentle, humid climate of the southeast makes it one of the best places in the world to call home. But this environment isn’t just ideal for people – it also creates the perfect home for a huge variety of spiders. Add to that the wide availability of prey and the diversity of habitats available to them here, and you understand what makes spiders such a problem in our area of the country.

And while spiders are much more comfortable outside, they can quickly find a hospitable spot inside your home or business without the proper precautions. Entry points such as cracks in exterior walls are all they need to enter, then it’s just a matter of finding a quiet spot with plentiful prey and moisture.

Once they’re in, your odds of encountering a spider – and dealing with a painful and potentially hazardous bite – skyrocket. With most species of spider, a bite can potentially result in swelling, redness and some discomfort. But two spiders commonly found in the South – the brown recluse and the black widow – can cause far more damage.

How Sloan Pest Eliminates Spiders

While it would be simple to spray some chemicals and hope that spiders stay away, Sloan Pest Control uses a variety of strategies to ensure spiders go away and stay away. The first step is a thorough inspection to not only evaluate the size of the infestation but to also identify places spiders might be hiding and conditions that might be attractive to them.

This first step is important because eliminating one infestation will only keep spiders out of your home for the short term. To keep them away, we remove webs and nests in order to disrupt their cycles of feeding and breeding. If necessary, we may suggest changes such as sealing up cracks, mitigating moisture issues, enhancing ventilation and clearing away clutter where spiders can hide.

It’s all part of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach – one that brings together several disciplines to create a longer-lasting solution, controlling and managing spiders and other pests with as few chemicals as possible.

100% Spiders Be Gone Promise

And if they return, so will we, thanks to our 100% Spiders Be Gone Promise. As a local company with deep ties to the community, we won’t rest until the job is done. That means eliminating spider infestations, keeping them from returning, and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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